Mic Evaluation


                              IPhone Microphone Evaluation and Video Recording

iRig Mic

  • Connection: Pre-amp that is all attached together. Good connection easy to use. All in one.
  • Handling: easy to set up in any condition and small, good for hand held use
  • Sound Quality: capturing but does gather surround sound only available for iPhone so it’s not good sound quality.
  • Use: thee level gain switch makes it easy to use, simple buttons, nothing is too complex or confusing very durable and doesn’t need any large and hard to carry boxes. You don’t need to attach any cords together, just easily plug into the iPhone with one action.
  • Cost: Around $ 60.00
  • Pro- easy to use Con- if amp ever breaks then you have to buy a brand new one

iRig Pre

  • Connection: hard to use because you have to connect it to three other things such as your headphones, iPhone, and mic.
  • Handling: Difficult to use, the box would fly around and dangle everywhere
  • Sound Quality: good for close and long distance sound capturing but does gather surround sound… not good audio because .. Good if you’re using a good microphone, bad if you’re using a bad microphone.
  • Use: Hard to use because the box is very inconvenient and the XLR cable along with your headphone cable and microphone cable make everything complicated.
  • Cost: Around $ 40.00
  • Pros- provides good quality because you use your own mic Con- box is inconvenient


  • Connection: Inconvenient because you need to buy an additional XLR cable which is costly and plug is it for longer cord. Also plugging in headphones and microphone leads to many cables all around.
  • Handling: Lots of wires, other than that easy to use because it seems durable due to its thickness.
  • Sound Quality: Good sound quality because its durable not clanging around with a box. Depends on the mic you use
  • Use: short so that’s good, you don’t need to trip over too much cable , however a lot to plug in sometimes gets confusing.
  • Cost: Around $40.00
  • Pros- durable connection due to thickness and can produce high quality sound Con- its really short without an additional purchase of an XLR cable

Vericorder XLR Adaptor

  • Connection: Poor connection because the wire is very thin, buzzing noise occasionally if connection is loose which is something that you cannot figure out until after you’ve recorded.
  • Handling: easy to use because the length is good enough to attach to your iPhone and mic
  • Sound Quality: Picks up surround sound and adds a buzzing noise.
  • Use: Easy to use and reasonable length that isn’t too long or too short. Perfect cable size for interviews and projects.
  • Cost: Around $ 100.00 after shipping and tax
  • Pros/cons

Rodes Smart LAV

  • Connection: Very simple, just plug into IPhone.
  • Handling: Very sensitive because of it’s this wire so it isn’t as sustainable.
  • Sound Quality: Professional sound quality but sometimes picks up surround sound due to the space between where it’s placed and audio.
  • Use
  • Cost: Around $100.00
  • Pros- small easy to use with professional sound Con- flimsy and unsuitable for interviews

Overall best option and why:

  • Overall the main goal is to get a professional sound in an easy manner. The Rodes Smart LAV was small, easy to use, and lacks complex buttons. It allows you to remains hands free to express yourself properly. An expensive mic for a professional sound is worth it.

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