Importance of mobile browsing 

As the complexities of the political sphere grow daily so do the consumption methods of the stories spewing out of the recent influx of bureaucratic tension.

With young adults being drawn into the picture through legislation pertaining to them, it’s no surprise that there’s a growing number of news organizations subscribing to the transition to phone applications. The rise of technology also encompasses iPad devices, among others than have joined the craze.  

News organizations, many with a growing online presence, are taking their content to the small screens. They’ve gone beyond creating personal applications to scroll through and toward integrating themselves in pre-built popular apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

More and more people are turning to social media for news updates and information gathering through phones simply because it’s much for efficient, especially for the millennial on the go.

Browsing through a mobile device also opens the door to more interactive actions such as emailing, sharing, liking and tapping into other news applications.

Using apps also helps a user navigate through stories in a much more fluid manner, expanding the breath of coverage of news.

Naturally, apps allow for more interactive content through embedded tweets and YouTube links that opens to new apps within the mobile device.

However, a user may run into problems when coming across flashy news coverage that may be distracting or deceptive for some.

News as a hot commodity encourages a fast-thinking mentality that leads to users jumping to conclusions, hopping on the backs of viral trends.

Nonetheless, it’s easier to come across news during commutes and on-the-go functions when looking for a quick news fix.

A company’s partnership and reliance on a social media manager is integral to its establishment, however, building up an online presence requires assistance from all parties. For a growing company, Facebook is a smart choice to focus on garnering a following, especially with prospects in the thousands.

In order to achieve online marketing success, a company must focus on implementing the following equation: optimization, engagement, promotion, and advertising for success.


Ensuring an operational Facebook page begins with filling in the descriptive gaps in order to provide information on said company. Phone number, address, location map, and hours of operation are only the foundational posts of the company. Managers must include captivating brand logos, photos, and cover photos to lure people in visually.


Smart marketing isn’t fast marketing.

It’s more appropriate to post quality posts instead of a slew of posts that may come off as spam to some people. It’s important to post entertaining and interesting online posts in order to gather a wider engagement. Another method that could help bring in unique followers would be providing an incentive for them to come in and stay such as a contest. Consistency is also integral when it comes to posting, whether it’s once a day or once a week, it’s important to maintain a set schedule so the audience knows what to expect. Quality content goes beyond text but visuals, video, audio, and photos.

Companies also need to create a personality for themselves, rather than being too promotional, in order to stand out in a competitive market.

Personal promotion

It’s ideal to use personal and communal methods of promotion of the Facebook page to reach out to a wider audience. Providing social plugins of the Facebook page and the Facebook page comment section within a built-in company website allows for a healthy crossover of audiences on different platforms.


Advertising the Facebook page to reach to online users is important. Rather than spending money through non-digital methods to advertise social media outlets, it’s smarter to spend that same money on boosting the Facebook page and posts. The advertising method comes with targeting audience members by interests and popular peak hours. Using social media to analyze page performance and measure the view metrics in terms of people reached and engagement rates will help dictate prospective advertising methods.

Tapping into audiences at the early stages of the Facebook page’s conception is important to remain relevant. This means using the equation immediately and tying it with viral trends such as Instagram and Twitter hashtags to garner more attention. If followed accurately, the page could reach 10,000 instantly or within six months.

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